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My experience with Kaiser Auto LLC is always wonderful. They go above and beyond what is needed to service my vehicle and make me feel like family!! I appreciate all that you guys do!! I would definitely recommend them! Thanks!!

— Google+ Reviewer

My car was making this crazy squeaking noise and a good friend of mine recommended Kaiser Auto since that is where she takes her car. I was greeted by mechanics from the open garage before I even walked into the office! The lady at the desk was very pleasant as well. Al took me for a test drive and LISTENED to what I had to say about what was happening and then heard the noise himself.

He gave me some options on what it could be and advised they would check it out. I left my car there and about a couple days later (I left it over the weekend) he called to advise of their findings BEFORE doing any work. He told me what the issue was along with some other issues that would soon need tending to. He broke down the price and waited for me to give him the go. Then when I picked up my car he had pictures to show me what was wrong and why the work needed to done.

Thank you for explaining/showing what needed to be done instead of talking to me like I'm an idiot since I'm a girl and not too familiar with auto mechanics! I also had my car detailed while it was there. So to the poor soul who tackled the grounds of a five year old's food remains (cheerios, juice box stains, fossilized french fries etc), YOU ARE NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING!!!

My car no longer smells like a garbage can and looks fantastic! I am very pleased with my experience and will be brining my car back to the Kaiser Auto gang from now on! It's amazing how far quality work and great customer service willl go! Good job Kaiser!

— Reviewer from IN

I recently had a repair done that had been previously repaired (a year ago) at Kaiser. Even after a full year they stood behind there work and replaced the defective part at no cost to me. This company is truly amazing and a pleasure to do business with. I will take my vehicles there for everything.

— Reviewer from La Porte, IN

Service, as usual was very good. Technicians are thorough and you are notified of all repairs needed, which ones are urgent and which ones can wait. The office staff are a pleasure to deal with and I appreciate Kevin continues to look for ways to improve customer service.

— Reviewer from La Porte, IN

Almost everyone in our family has used Kaiser's services and has been highly satisfied. From simple oil changes to entire engine and transmission repair/ replacement. Great place. Clay Alexander and family

— Google+ Reviewer

This shop is incredibly clean and the people are informative and friendly. Fairly quick service with appointments. Often run specials so customers save a little and new clients are attracted. Waiting area is great. My car is always serviced professionally and with reasonable costs.

— Google+ Reviewer

I brought my car in for an oil change and the shop found a tire issue and were able to diagnose it and present the information to me which saved my tires from wearing out prematurely. The shop was able to lend me a car while the repairs were being made. They continued working diligently until the work was complete and communicated with me during the process.

— Reviewer from La Porte, IN

These guys went above and beyond, not only did they check my vehicle from bumper to bumper then had a printed list of issues by most serious first. I then received a price list of cost of repair for each in an email. Awesome communication. Great waiting aera.

— Reviewer from Union Mills, IN

The personnel were very helpful...making the appointment pleasant. The staff made me aware of the car's issues, but did not pressure me regarding the needed repairs. The digital record (s) are appreciated. Also, the personal concern for my convenience was outstanding.

— Reviewer from La Porte, IN

I got a tire rotation and oil change. Everyone was courteous and took the time to service my vehicle. Being a Friday and most likely the last customer, it still felt like I was the first of the day. Thanks!

— Reviewer from La Porte, IN

Very thorough vehicle inspection but you are allowed to choose what to have repaired and when. Even after a simple oil change I feel more secure in the vehicles my family drive everyday.

— Reviewer from La Porte, IN